New XNA Features

XNA is the game development platform which lets you easily write games on your PC and then play them on your Xbox360. Two big announcements just came out of the Game Developers Conference:

  1. You will soon be able to use XNA to write games for the Zune. [source]
  2. You will soon be able to download user created XNA games directly on your 360. It sounds a lot like YouTube for games. Later today, seven user created games are going up on Xbox Live for free download. This is another HUGE win for the 360. [source] [source]

There's also a rumor floating around that soon you will be able to stream any movie from Netflix onto your 360. They've had streaming to PCs for a while so it doesn't seem to far-fetched. If they do make that deal, I'd expect that the Xbox Live Marketplace would drop support for movies. If the Netflix quality was reasonable (near DVD with 5.1 sound) then that would be pretty strong motivation for me to drop Blockbuster in favor of Netflix.

I think MattB is at this event. Matt, feel free to send me your review of the event and I'll post it here.

[UPDATE] The Xbox team has posted more great info about both features including the ability for users to play games with each other on Zune's via the built in wifi!