T2i Panorama on PhotoSynth

It was so nice on Sunday that Tyla and I walked down the street to the park so that I could try my first big panorama with our Canon T2i. I set up the tripod, switched to manual focus, switched to aperture priority, set the ISO, and I was off. I used a 55-250 zoom lens and zoomed all the way in. I used a remote shutter release to speed things up and reduce camera shake. Click, move, click, move, click move. It took about 20 minutes to capture all the photos.

The end result isn’t spectacular. I apparently did not have the tripod completely level. I used Microsoft ICE to piece it all together and then uploaded the result to PhotoSynth. I’ll have a lot more of these coming in the future that look a lot better, but I wanted to do a little test run to figure out some of the gotchas.

You can view the full zoomable image on my PhotoSynth profile page. The full image is 1.63 GIGApixels and takes up almost 1GB of disk space so hopefully you can forgive me for not posting the entire thing as a JPG!

If/when we finally sell our house, I’m really going to miss seeing this view as we drive up the street! I can see part of it from our balcony too.


# re: T2i Panorama on PhotoSynth

Are those mountains high enough for the snow to stay on them all year, or does it melt off in the summer?  

Thursday, May 05, 2011 11:57 PM by Ken C.