Fantasy Football – Week 7

The cheese stands alone. And in this case, the cheese is Andy. His league-leading four game win streak has gained him sole ownership of the top spot. Micah is alone in second and then we have 5 teams tied for third. After starting 1-3, Logan has rattled off three consecutive wins to join that third place traffic jam.

Now on to the weekly awards:

  • Highest Team Score: Logan had 128.61 (Record: Andy, 165.41 in Week 2)
  • Lowest Team Score: Dad had 89.94 (Record: Ryan – 59.61 in Week 3)
  • Biggest Blowout: Logan beat Tim by 24.21 (Record: Dad beat Ryan by 81.19 in Week 3)
  • Closest Win: Ryan beat Kyle by 1.6 (Record: Tim beat Jim by 1.14 in Week 4)
  • Highest Scoring Player: Arian Foster had 43.9 points for Jim (Record: Aaron Rodgers scored 53.92 for Tim in week 4)
  • Deadbeat: Micah (1)

And some interesting stats mostly via TMQ:

  • Rookie quarterback Cam Newton has seven rushing touchdowns -- more rushing touchdowns than 22 entire NFL teams.
  • Seattle at Cleveland ended with more punts (12) than points (9).
  • If every pass a quarterback attempts clangs to the ground incomplete, his rating is 39.6 under the NFL system. In the Chiefs at Raiders contest, Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel finished with a 38.3 passer rating, Oakland quarterback Kyle Boller with a 22.3 rating and Oakland quarterback Carson Palmer with a 17.3 rating.
  • New Orleans possession results against Indianapolis: touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, field goal, field goal, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, punt with 2:56 remaining.
  • The defending champion Packers have won 13 straight.


# re: Fantasy Football – Week 7

I am very cheesy it is true. I'm not getting too excited because I think I have the 4th most points, so I'm thinking it will catch up to me.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 9:16 AM by Andy