– Ben Martens

Fantasy Football – Week 14

Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore RavensThe Seahawks look like a completely different team after their bye week. Granted, they haven’t faced the toughest opponents, but still, their offense is miles ahead of where it was before. Thomas Rawls made us forget about Marshawn Lynch, but now he’s hurt too. Hopefully Lynch will be back for the postseason, but we’ll see if they can still make it there with Fred Jackson and a couple mediocre rookies.

Not too much happened in our league except that Logan and I swapped the #1 and #2 seeds for the playoffs. That just means that the first playoff games are me vs. Austin and Logan vs. Dad. Logan and I are the only two people in the playoffs that were part of the money pool so we’ll have our own little sub-battle going on. At the other end of the spectrum, Andy never could get it going this year and this week he broke the all-time record for the lowest score. I could almost hear Luke rejoicing in Toledo. Luke also gets credit for an optimal lineup this week!

The Power Rankings perfectly match the seeding of the playoffs.
1. Ben
2. Logan (+1)
3. Dad (-1)
4. Austin

Now on to the weekly awards.

This Week Season All-Time
Highest Team Score Ben had 143.53 Tim 200.51 (Week 3) Tim 200.51 (2013)
Lowest Team Score Andy had 41.29  Was Andy had 62.50 (Week 10) Was Luke 47.01 (2011)
Biggest Blowout Ben beat Andy by102.24 Ben beat Dad by 111.43 (Week 8) Luke beat Andy by 113.02 (2010)
Closest Win Austin beat Logan by 3.55 Ben beat Andy by 2.46 (Week 7) Jim beat Ben by 0.12 (2012)
Highest Scoring Player Russell Wilson had 42.98 for Tim Drew Brees had 60.54 on Tim’s bench (Week 8) Drew Brees had 60.54 on Tim’s bench (2015)
Longest Active Winning Streak Ben and Austin have 2 game winning streaks Ben had an 8 game winning streak (Week 8) Micah (2011) and Ben (2015) had an 8 game winning streak
Longest Active Losing Streak Andy has an 8 game losing streak. Was Andy had a 7 game losing streak (Week 13) Kyle had a 14 game losing streak (2011)