– Ben Martens


March Madness Wrap Up

Congrats to Jim for pulling out the win with 121 total points! He correctly picked Duke as the winner of it all. Not too shabby. Three people had more correct picks than Jim, but getting those final games right is critical to winning the bracket challenge.

I used Bing predictions to create my bracket. I’ve been impressed with all the things they have picked correctly (elections, football games, etc.) I think the tournament was a bit too many unknowns because all the errors get compounded.

Rank Owner Correct Picks Points
1 JimM 40 121
2 LoganB 44 100
3 TimS 38 88
4 AndyB 44 87
5 JayA 41 85
6 BenM 38 75
7 AndyD 34 60

The NCAA won’t let me embed the One Shining Moment video. So instead, maybe you’d be interested in John Oliver’s excellent monologue about how much money the NCAA makes while players go hungry.

Bracket Update

Here’s an update on our little bracket challenge. AndyB, LoganB, JimM, and TimS are still in the running. The rest of us are down for the count.

Winner Loser Bracket King
Kentucky Michigan St AndyB
Michigan St Kentucky AndyB
Kentucky Duke LoganB
Duke Kentucky JimM
Wisconsin Michigan St TimS
Michigan St Wisconsin TimS
Wisconsin Duke TimS
Duke Wisconsin JimM


March Madness

MarchMadness2015After watching a grand total of 0 minutes of college basketball this year, I filled out my bracket and then proceeded to watch 0 minutes of the first weekend of the tournament. I didn’t even realize that some of the games were being played in Seattle until I saw last minute tickets being sold. I’m a super fan! I did watch the recap of Purdue’s loss. Ouch.

So while I can’t speak to any of the actual game play, I do know that I have very little chance of winning our bracket pool. What a surprise. Here are the standings so far. AndyB is on top and also has the highest possible remaining points. That’s the column you really want to look at to get an idea of how things could finish up.

Rank Owner Correct Picks Points Possible Pts
1 AndyB 36 47 171
2 LoganB 35 44 156
3 JimM 32 41 149
3 JayA 33 41 133
5 TimS 31 40 132
6 BenM 31 39 131
7 AndyD 29 36 120

I hope you all are getting more opportunities to watch basketball than I am!