– Ben Martens

dos tios

Dos Tios Glass Break

brokenglassIt has been almost eight years since Tim and I ordered 144 custom beer glasses. It was a goofy project but still one that I enjoy to this day. They have held up amazingly well. I reuse the same two or three glasses every week and even through countless dishwasher cycles, they look as good as the day we bought them.

Well, most of them look good. Last week I had one break in a crazy way. When I came down to the kitchen one morning, I picked up one of the glasses to rinse it out and put it in the dishwasher. The glass was about half full with water and I had whiskey stones (rum stones?) soaking in it to sort of clean them a bit. When I picked up the glass. the top part came off and the base stayed on the counter. The water and stones poured out.

It was a very clean break. Maybe it had cracked when I set it down on the counter the night before, but it was so perfect that the water didn’t leak out? I couldn’t figure it out, but I guess this means I’m down one glass. At this rate I should have enough glasses for the next half a millennia or so.