– Ben Martens


Space Heater vs. Furnace

spaceheaterFall is around the corner and with that, the furnaces will be clicking back on. I never wrote about it, but when Elijah was born, we wanted to keep his room warmer than normal. It got a bit cold because of some old windows in his room. I thought it would be more efficient to put a space heater in his room rather than to turn the furnace up and heat the whole house.


That month our electric bill was about $70 more than normal while our gas bill only dropped $20. As soon as I saw that, I boxed the space heater back up and put it in the garage. (And yeah yeah yeah, space heaters in the babies room. I know I know…)

I keep an Excel sheet of all our utility expenses so I’m reminded of my dumb experiment every time I open that up and see the chart.