– Ben Martens

2013 Season Wrap-Up

I owe this fantastic ski season to my wonderful wife who sat at home baking a baby while I was off many weekends enjoying the snow! Next season will be remarkably different, but this year I got a season pass to Crystal Mountain and made great use of it. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a season pass there, and I absolutely loved it. It’s my favorite place to ski in Washington, and doing it with a pass made it even sweeter.

Highlights of the season include spending a couple days with Jay, getting new skis, and skiing with Tim and Chelsea. There are still a couple amazing runs that I can remember turn for turn. What a season! November and December saw heavy snows before it dried up through February with another return to blizzards in March.

This year ended up tied with 2006-07 for the biggest ski season I’ve ever had. I racked up over a quarter million vertical feet and spent 13 days on the slopes. I had hoped to get a few more days than that but some minor surgery left me on the sidelines for a few weeks in January and February. Luckily it coincided with the dry spell so I didn’t miss any big powder days.

I carried a GoPro camera around this season though I didn’t have it on my helmet all the time. I edited together a few of my favorite clips which you can see embedded below from YouTube.