– Ben Martens

2015 PNW WELS Softball Tournament

Every year, many of the WELS churches in our area get together for an all-day softball tournament. Our church has participated sporadically but this year we combined with Divine Peace in Renton to scrape together enough people for a team… barely. We had no practices and some of our team members didn’t arrive until we were taking the field for the first game. Nobody know what positions they were going to play and Pastor Herrmann ended up being the pitcher basically because he was the last person on the field, not because he had ever done it before. Amazingly, we played pretty well! We were winning the first game until our opponents had a big rally that we couldn’t stop and they won in the last inning. That team went on to lose in the championship. We won the second game and then lost the third which knocked us out of the tournament.

All in all, I’m surprised at how well we did, especially considering that some of the other bigger churches have teams that play together in regular leagues. And oh yeah, we only had 9 people instead of 10! It was also fun to play against ChrisH who is the principal over in Bremerton now. The last time we played on a field together was high school!