– Ben Martens

2016 Fantasy Stats

I’m a data nerd and I love to dig into the fantasy stats a little deeper. Here are some records and stats from this season:

  • Austin had the most points this season from players that he drafted (1608.14). Tim had the least (1055.46).
  • Tim had the most points from players acquired after the draft (627.62). Luke had the least (76.1).
  • Logan made the most roster moves (37) and ended up first. Luke made the least (2) and ended up last. Hmm… the 37 roster moves by Logan were the most we’ve ever seen in one season. And the 2 moves by Luke were the least we’ve ever seen.

I did a quick calculation to see if the number of roster moves is correlated with your finishing rank. It isn’t correlated, but the average number of roster moves for teams that finish in 1st place (16) is slightly higher than the average (13) over all our previous seasons combined.

Dad asked for a rundown of our average finishes. I went back through 2012 which is when we started having the current group of teams and here’s what I came up with.

Team Average Finish Worst Finish Best Finish
Logan 2.4 6 1
Ben 3.2 4 1
Austin 3.8 8 1
Andy 4.2 7 2
Jim 5 8 2
Tim 5.2 7 3
Dad 6 8 3
Luke 6.2 8 5

And finally, here are the top players in the league for each position:

Player Position Points Owner
Aaron Rodgers QB 460.02 Ben
Matt Ryan QB 423.46 Ben
Drew Brees QB 406.32 Austin
Antonio Brown WR 258.96 Logan
Jordy Nelson WR 256.2 Andy
Mike Evans WR 256.1 Dad
David Johnson RB 367.8 Andy
Ezekiel Elliott RB 309.4 Ben
Le’Veon Bell RB 279.9 Austin
Travis Kelce TE 180.5 Luke
Kyle Rudolph TE 167.5 Tim
Greg Olsen TE 167.3 Andy
Matt Bryant K 178 Free agent
Justin Tucker K 175 Logan
Caleb Sturgis K 149 Free agent
Kansas City DEF 207.86 Austin
Minnesota DEF 193.89 Free agent
Philadelphia DEF 177.34 Dad