– Ben Martens

Adam Savage At Maker Faire

An estimated 160,000 people descended upon San Fancisco for Maker Faire this year. It’s a celebration of any kind of making you can imagine: woodworking, electronics, metal, jewelry, clothing, music, models and more (and all the various combinations of the various genres). There are many things I’m excited to do with Elijah when he’s a little older. Near the top of the list is a trip to Maker Faire.

There’s so much going on that I hear you can’t see it all in one weekend, but thankfully more and more of it is starting to appear online. One of the better videos that came out this year was Adam Savage’s one hour talk. The first part is read from notes and won’t win any awards for delivery, but the content is really good. It’s about the importance and value of making things. He then does a good Q&A session for the rest of the hour. He’s very passionate about creating ANYTHING and does a good job explaining why it’s such a great way to spend your time.

2 thoughts on “Adam Savage At Maker Faire

  1. Ken C.

    Check out the YouTube channel for his site, sometime. He’s in more of the videos now that Mythbusters is done but the stuff with the other guys is a lot of fun too. I started making some plastic models again because of watching Adam and the guy that played Chief Tyrol on Battlestar Galactica build a few in a video.

  2. Ben

    Yep, that’s a great channel and I do subscribe (though I don’t watch everything because there is a ton of content.)