– Ben Martens

Amazon Instant Video

Tyla and I dropped Netflix streaming when they split the subscription from the discs. We’re among the minority that prefers discs though that won’t be the case forever. In the mean time, I’ve been enjoying the selection of streaming videos available for free on Amazon to anyone with a Prime membership. If you’re a Prime member, make sure you check this out! The quality is great, there’s an app on the Xbox360, and the selection is not too shabby. I’ve been using it to watch Top Gear (the UK version) and a couple other TV series.

I’ve kind of expected to pick Netflix back up when our son starts watching some shows, but Amazon is really making a strong push into kid shows too. Engadget ran a story recently about some exclusive children’s programming.

Discs will be around “forever” but it’s not hard to predict that this streaming thing is going to be the way we receive a lot of our content in the future. The big blockbuster shows and movies aren’t there in enough quantity yet to turn the tide, but we’re getting there.