– Ben Martens

Amazon Order History

Did you know that you can download a report of your Amazon orders? I pulled all that data into Excel and started playing with our Power BI toolset even though it was a pretty simple scenario. Here are some of the facts I discovered:

  • First order: Ingenious Pursuits: Building the Scientific Revolution, January 11, 2001. This would have been my Junior year at Purdue. I discovered that some books were cheaper on Amazon than our bookstore. Strangely they didn’t have many of my textbooks and even then, they weren’t always cheaper. Times have changed!
  • Most popular item category: Health & Beauty
  • In our current home, we order 3.3 times more items per year than we did in our last home.
  • There is an average of 1.7 days between ordering and shipping. The median is 1. There are some outliers when I made orders that weren’t fulfilled by Amazon and they can take forever to ship.
  • Item purchased most often: Purina Pro Plan Dry Adult Dog Food, Large Breed Formula, 34-Pound Bag
  • 804 total items ordered

Here are some graphs over the data. It will be pretty obvious that I signed up for Amazon Prime in June of 2008. On a side note, the recent Amazon Prime price increase doesn’t bother me at all. It’s still one of the best deals in online shopping, not to mention that I also get some free Kindle books, and a pretty good collection of streaming video for free. They could charge a lot more and I’d still pay for it.