– Ben Martens

Amazon Price Watches

camelcamelcamellogoIf you’re stalking some items on Amazon, watching for a good price, check out They will alert you if the price drops below a threshold that you set and it will also show you a price history chart. It’s interesting how much prices fluctuate! It’s also fun to scroll through their Top Price Drops┬ápage to see what items they are discounting the most today.

Even if you aren’t waiting for a product to hit a specific price point, it’s nice to check that site and make sure you aren’t buying it at a temporary price peak. It’s also handy to combine this with Amazon’s price reduction policy. It changes regularly, but right now it seems to be good for seven days. There’s some minimum price change is required too, but as an example, I watched a product drop $20 and seven days later, I called back and got a refund. I had to mention the policy to get the refund though. At first the rep told me to ship it back and then buy it again.