– Ben Martens

Amazon Prime Video Monthly

amazonprimeAmazon has always offered Prime as a one year plan. It’s $99 and you get free two day shipping along with access to a selection of free Kindle books, streaming videos, music, unlimited photo storage and a bunch of other smaller benefits. It’s a fantastic deal and they’ve had me hooked for many years. They will still continue to offer this but they’re adding two new plans:

  1. Amazon Prime Video is now available for $8.99/month. This is obviously in direct competition with Netflix. It’s a good move because it allows them to expand globally even when the rest of the more complicated offerings like 2 day shipping are not available. I don’t think the Amazon Prime catalog is as good as the Netflix one, but since I would pay for Prime just to have the shipping option, the video stuff is just gravy on top and there’s plenty there to keep me occupied.
  2. The full Amazon Prime is available for $10.99/month. If you aren’t sure that the service is right for you or maybe you only want to use it in December for ordering gifts, then you have the option of paying monthly.

If you keep either one for a full year, you’re going to end up paying more than if you had prepaid for a year, but it’s nice that these options exist to expand their customer base.