– Ben Martens

Amazon Promotional Credit Balance

slowershippingcreditIf you’re a Prime member, you’ve probably noticed that at checkout you can choose a slower delivery and get $1 towards books, movies, etc. While I love the free two day shipping, I’ve been choosing the credit for things that I don’t need quickly.

But finding out how much credit you have built up turns out to be a bit complicated. Ignore all the step-by-step instructions and just go to this link:

You’ll quickly see how much money you have available. The only thing it doesn’t tell you is when various parts of it expire. Generally it seems like the credits are good for about two months. I figure it’s free money so if I have a purchase that can use them, great, if not, oh well. And I’m sure that makes Amazon happier. They end up saving money overall because they don’t have to ship so much stuff with the higher two-day shipping cost. It’s brilliant… I pay them $100/year to ship things to me at normal speed in exchange for credit that I don’t always use. These guys are good.