– Ben Martens

Android Dominance

It’s pretty common these days to hear that Android is taking over, but when I saw this chart [source], I was amazed at how far Android has come. In just three years, they’ve gone from 10% market share to ~80%.

I’m not sure what Apple has planned to combat this. So far they’ve been sticking to the original model that they debuted in the very first iPhone: a grid of icons on a tiny/thin phone. And where does Windows Phone or Blackberry fit into this? They’re also-rans, making up ~5% of the market.

Seeing outside of your bias is difficult, but I do firmly believe that for Windows Phone is the best phone OS for most of the population. I seriously doubt it will ever reach those kind of market numbers, but who knows. Defeating PlayStation seemed like an impossible task for the original XBox, but XBox is now at least splitting the market and has a huge following.