– Ben Martens

Bailey’s Pumpkin Patch

It’s pumpkin patch season and pumpkin patches are big business. The grandaddy of them all is Remlinger Farms where you’ll pay $25/person for the privilege of walking in. We’ve been going to Bob’s Corn for quite a while but it has gotten busier and busier until this year they jumped on the admission train and it’s $18/person. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to see them doing well and yay capitalism, but we decided it was time to move on to a place that wasn’t overwhelmed with mustachioed hipsters from Seattle.

So this year we headed a bit farther north to the Bailey Family Farm. They have a really nice (but small and not too crowded) set up with everything we were looking for. We met up with some other friends there and had a nice morning. I think we’ll be heading back again, and since it’s pretty close to the route that Tyla and Elijah drive every day for school, we might end up using their veggie stand in the future.