– Ben Martens

Bainbridge Island Day Trip

Last weekend was our sixth anniversary so I planned a fun day trip. Actually, when you have a 2 year old who still needs a nap, day trips are more like “morning trips.”

Elijah has been on a ferry before but he was very young and didn’t remember we took a trip over to Bainbridge Island on the ferry. Walking onto the ferry is almost always more convnient than driving because you don’t have to worry about not fitting onto the next boat. We parked our car in Seattle and caught the 8:45am ferry to Bainbridge. Comicon was going on that weekend so we saw a lot of people that were dressed up, including a guy in a full Venom costume that Elijah really enjoyed. Elijah was so excited about it that when we stopped to say high to the police man, Elijah had to tell him all about it. The police man didn’t miss a beat and said, “Oh yeah, Spiderman is helping me out today.”

The Bainbridge ferry is very convenient for walkers. It’s only about a half mile into an area with lots of shops and food. We stopped for about an hour at a children’s museum and then walked to The Madison Diner. It’s an authentic train car style diner from the Philadelphia area. Elijah thought it was pretty cool to eat in a train car and Tyla and I both enjoyed the food. We enjoyed the ferry ride back and Elijah zonked out as soon as we got into the car.

It always feels like so much work to plan something like this with a two year old in tow, but in reality, it was all pretty simple. We should do more of this!
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