– Ben Martens

Beer Bottling

A couple weeks ago, Don, Logan and I made two full batches of beer at Gallagher’s. Last weekend it was done and ready to bottle. Each batch makes about 140 12oz bottles so we had a lot of work ahead of us. Thankfully Ken and Tim showed up to help.

We had been saving enough bottles so we didn’t need to buy any at the brewery. We did, however, have to sanitize them before starting. Note that this is sanitization, not cleaning the bottles. Don took charge of running that machine and keeping us stocked with bottles. Logan and I took turns filling the bottles while Tim and Ken took turns capping the bottles and putting them in the boxes. We all shared the responsibility of drinking some of the beer. We ended up with about 11 cases of beer and we bottled it all in under two hours. Half of it is like Redhook ESB and the other half is a hefeweizen. I’m not a huge fan of the hefeweizen but it’s good and I love the ESB.

Once ski season is done I’d love to get in a more regular habit of making beer there. The final cost for our beer was about $1.15/bottle which isn’t bad at all. That’s about what I pay at the grocery store. So far we’ve made three of their 50 or so recipes. I want to come up with my own concoction, but I don’t know enough about how the flavors work together. I guess I need more practice!