– Ben Martens

Ben FM

Back in 2005, I wrote a post about a radio station in Philly called Ben FM (95.7.) I joked that it was nice to have my own radio station and actually got a few gullible random Philly residents who wrote in with their comments on the station. Unfortunately those comments have been lost to time.

But now that joke is a bit closer to reality. If you come to my house and tune your radio to 91.9, you’ll here my very own radio station. Why? Well Tyla and I generally listen to country and the two country stations around here are terrible. 94.1 plays the same dozen songs over and over again and 100.7 has one of those stereotypical overdone morning show radio guys who is painful to listen to. Nevermind that if you have the radio on while taking a shower, you are lucky to hear two songs in the whole 10-15 minutes you’re in the bathroom.

I’m too cheap to cover the house in Sonos equipment, so instead I purchased 0.5 watt FM transmitter from Amazon. I hooked it up to the server in our house which is always on anyway. The server is currently playing music from a Christmas playlist that I put together on Xbox Music, but in the future I could see paying for a Pandora subscription and letting that run.

So far it’s working out really well. Every radio in our house easily gets a clean signal and now we have a station playing exactly the music we like with no commercials.

Private: Ben FM

Harrison, Maine has nothing on me. Up there we sit out on the boat on Long Lake listening to Frank FM. “Spend the afternoon with Frank.” Now I have my own radio station. 95.7 Ben FM. It's the newest radio station in Philly. The best part is that it's a completely random station. You can flip it on and hear anything from Goo Goo Dolls to the Beegees. There are no DJs at the station although John O'Hurley (Peterman from Seinfeld) does some promos between songs. Some of you know that during college I toyed with the idea of starting a radio station and running in completely via computers. It's interesting to see that it's working. Maybe there's hope for a second Ben FM in the future.

Not everyone is happy about it though. The old Y100 DJs think this is a joke. I'm inclined to agree but I like the station because it has my name in it. Yes, I'm that easy to please.