– Ben Martens

Birch Bay Weekend

A few weekends ago Tyla, Elijah, Megan, Logan and I headed up to Birch Bay. Logan, Megan and Tyla had signed up for a 5k and Elijah and I were along for the ride. Don graciously let us use his timeshare up there.

The forecast for the race was horrible. Incredibly high winds and heavy rain. As it turns out, both of those did happen, but they came at separate times and the race was just wet. The race conveniently went right by the condo, so Elijah and I stood under umbrellas and watched the three of them go by. For their return leg, we waved to Tyla from the balcony of the condo.

But even in the nasty weather, they all did a great job. Megan set a personal best, Tyla got 2nd place in her age group (she lost to the overall winner who had a blistering pace), and Logan won his age group, got seventh overall and set a personal best. They got medals and plaques. It was fun to see them all so excited.

We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the pool and walking along the waterfront. It was a little weird being there without Don or Nancy but I think we all had fun.