– Ben Martens

Blog Books

As you may already know, I convert each year’s blog posts into a hardcover book. I skipped it in 2010, so over the last month I’ve been putting together the 2010 and 2011 books. They include not only the blog posts but also my moblog photos and all my tweets. Yes, it’s odd, but these things really do look pretty professional when they’re done. The folks at Lulu make this incredibly simple and it’s very cost effective. If you’re crazy and you want to buy these for yourself, you can get them on the Lulu website. But in reality, I don’t expect anyone to buy these and read through them. It’s just fun to have them sitting on the shelf and every once in a while we’ll grab one, flip to a random page and read the day’s entry. And who knows, maybe some day my grandkids will open a trunk and find these books laying around. I know if my grandpa had a book like this I’d love to read through it! Then again, my grandpas are a lot more interesting than I am!