– Ben Martens

Bluetooth Actually Works

bluetooth_logoFew technologies have caused me as much pain as wireless. That’s why we paid an electrician to hardwire Ethernet to every room in our house. If a device doesn’t move, it gets hardwired. No exceptions. So you can understand why I have avoided Bluetooth over the years.

When I asked for some new headphones at work, I was given a set of Bluetooth wireless headphones. They have a flip down microphone so I can take calls though I don’t use that feature too much. The revelation to me was that they actually work and they are pretty convenient. I can either connect to my computer or my phone and stream audio from them. It’s nice to not have any wires and it’s super nice to be able to tap the buttons on the headphones to adjust the volume, pause the music, or skip to the next track.

I wear headphones a lot when I’m doing yard work or working in the garage. Up to this point, I’ve worn regular earbuds and I run the cord down inside my shirt so that it doesn’t get snagged. I’m thinking that I might switch to using Bluetooth headphones instead because they have the added advantage of letting me adjust the playback without pulling my phone out of my pocket. Do you use small Bluetooth headphones? Any recommendations for me?

One thought on “Bluetooth Actually Works

  1. Ken C.

    Funny you should mention this. I’ve only had my new phone since November but since I listen to podcasts and audiobooks at work I’m constantly plugging and unplugging earbuds. I had to replace the headphone jack on my last phone and it looks like this one is not fairing well either. I just picked up a set of bluetooth earbuds from Amazon last week. I haven’t had a chance to use them at work yet but they seemed to be pretty good when I tested them yesterday. They certainly have a lot of different connectors so that they’ll fit your ear just right. Only drawback I can see is they say they have only a 4 hour battery charge. We’ll see how accurate that is.