– Ben Martens

Books Completed

In February, I completed The Life and Times of Ben Martens: 2002. did a great job printing off the hardcover book for me, so I went ahead with books for 2003-2007. I have been spending ~5-10 hours/week for the past two months and I'm finally done with the next 5 books. It takes an extremely long time to get everything edited, formatted, and laid out correctly. Tonight, I finished the process of uploading them to and placing my order. For the low low price of $148.70 plus shipping, you can now have six books covering the first six years of my blog, or you can download the eBooks for free.

Like I said before, I know no one will read these (probably including me), but I think it's pretty neat to have these volumes sitting on my shelf. Except for 2002 which was only a half year of blogging, the other volumes are all 500-650 pages long. Somewhere in there, there has to be at least one page worth the tree it was printed on.