– Ben Martens

Charlie Brown Tree

I’ve always dreamed of having my own Christmas light display. It would cost too much to do the whole house with LED lights right now, but I got a small start by wrapping the little tree in the front yard. With LED lights, you can chose from the very cool (as in cool on the temperature scale for color) white lights or the “warm white” lights that more closely match incandescent. Both have their advantages but I went with the warm white lights to more closely match my existing yard lighting and other displays on the street. My hope is that I can continue to find white LED lights that match this color every year and slowly build out the rest of the exterior lighting. Our house is really set up well for a magnificent display. If I had easy access to a 30 foot lift, we could decorate the huge cedar (am I right Tim?) tree on the corner of our house!

So here’s a photo of what we have now. I’m almost embarrassed to show it. In 20 years I can look back and laugh at how we got started!