– Ben Martens

Christmas Decorations

Our house now looks like Christmas is approaching. Tyla was able to really do a nice job with a bunch of the decorations that she had. A tree with some ornaments was as far as I ever got on my own, so it’s nice to have her added touch.

As we were joining our ornament piles for the first time, we realized that we already have a nice little collection of ornaments that we’ve bought together. I thought it would make for a good post (and a good reminder for when we’ve forgotten the stories down the road.)

The first fall/winter that we were dating we went ice skating in Bellevue. Later that Christmas season, we were in Leavenworth and picked up this ornament in one of the shops. Even ~5 months into the relationship, I guess we knew it was going somewhere.
We picked up this sled that says “Whistler, Canada” up in Whistler after we got engaged.
A little version of our cruise ship hangs from the tree to remind us of our honeymoon. My only complaint is that they placed the string in the wrong spot so it looks like the ship is trying to take off.
The most recent addition to our collection is a Hallmark keepsake ornament that says “Our first Christmas together” and has a 2010 tag on it.

An ornament can bring back a lot of memories and these four bring back a flood of them for me!