– Ben Martens

Country Isn’t Country

top40countryRant: As if we needed another sign that I’m turning into an old man, I no longer enjoy country music on the radio. Thankfully I don’t have to listen to the radio very often, but when I do, I struggle to find anything to listen to. I’ve listened to country for a long time but today’s country music is ridiculous. Every song is about a party in a field with trucks, bonfires and beer. How many songs about that do we really need? And why on earth are you using autotune in your country songs? This has been happening for the past 5-7 years but it’s completely gone now. It’s a new genre. I’ve given up hoping and waiting for the good stuff to come back and instead, I have my in-house FM transmitter playing a huge playlist of country songs from the 80s and 90s.

Grump grump harrumph. GET OFF MY LAWN!