– Ben Martens

Crystal Mountain Skiing

On Saturday I did something I haven’t done in almost two full years: I went skiing! Thank to Tyla for letting me take a Saturday to head down to Crystal. It had been snowing all week and a storm was predicted for Friday night so I thought I picked a good day. I did… but so did everyone else. I forgot what time I usually left so I decided to go for 6:30. That was a mistake. There was a ton of traffic and it took an extra 45 minutes to make the 1 hour and 45 minute drive. I changed my thinking from “find some good fresh snow” to “enjoy whatever turns you get because it’s going to be wildly crowded.”

It turns out that getting older and not skiing for two years makes it a little difficult to get going again. Go figure. The skiing itself came back pretty quickly but man, I tired out quickly! I toured all over the mountain, skiing through some of my favorites and then headed out around 1:30 or so.

It was so nice to be relaxing up in the mountains with a gorgeous view all around!