– Ben Martens

DataVac Duster

datavacdusterI used to keep a couple cans of compressed air around the house. They’re handy for cleaning out computers and keyboards. When I discovered that they were handy in the shop too, I started going through them pretty quickly and that gets pricey at $4+ per can.

That’s when I found out about the DataVac Duster. At $60, it’s pricey, but I still recommend it. After 15 cans of compressed air, you’d break even, but in reality, since I know it’s basically free to use, I use it a lot more. I keep it on my work bench, and with the extra long cord, I can easily blow off tools, projects, etc. Don’t let the “vac” part of the name fool you. This thing only blows air and it does it very well. There are a couple extra nozzles you can attach to get even narrower streams of air.

When I bought it, it was a few dollars cheaper for whatever reason, but this is still a good tool to have around the house.