– Ben Martens


There are a lot of board game fans at work. They buy pretty much every game that comes out and give it a whirl. A year or two back, I asked some of them what would be a good next game now that we’re getting a bit played out of Settlers and Carcassonne. The common answer was Dominion. This was our first foray into card-based games and the first couple times we played it were pretty rough, confusing and slow. But lately we’ve really grown to love it and have been choosing it more and more. Every game is different depending on which 10 action cards you use for the game. That’s fun and frustrating at the same time. We’re not yet good enough to read the cards and know what strategy will fit them best. If we play two games with the same deck of cards, the second go-round usually has a lot more intentional play behind it. If you’re looking for a good game to add to your collection, consider Dominion!

And if that all seems a bit too much, some of our other favorites are Bohnanza and Alhambra.