– Ben Martens

Don’s Fence

Last summer at this time I was in the middle of our huge yard remodel and that included building a fence. Don and Logan put in a lot of hours on the fence at my house. This summer, we’re all working together again but this time it’s at Don’s house.

So far we’ve gotten most of the old fence removed, most of the new posts in concrete, and some of the fence up. This past weekend we made a ton of progress because Don rented an auger and a cement mixer. We knocked out 10 posts before 3pm. Not too shabby for our ragtag group.

Somehow Don seems to end most of the work days with a bleeding cut on his arm, I hurt my back on Saturday running the auger and Logan broke his thumb by shooting a nail through it. You might not want to come help with this project. Our safety record isn’t very good!

donfence1 donfence2