– Ben Martens

Door Stops

We have central air conditioning in our house, but we prefer to leave the windows open instead when possible. That means we end up with various shoes, books, and hampers sitting in front of each door upstairs to keep it propped open. On Sunday evening, I was looking for a quick and easy project to build without any planning so I decided to build some door stops.

I glued together a bunch of scrap wood, used the table saw to trim it up and then the miter saw to cut the wedges. A couple coats of spray lacquer finished off the job.

This was a super simple project, but it makes me happy when I see them sitting under the doors upstairs. They look nicer than the random objects we used before, and each piece of wood that I used in the doorstops brings back memories of other fun projects. It was rewarding to walk into the shop for an hour or two with no plans and walk out with a finished project.