– Ben Martens

Dust Collection Update

About two months ago, I picked up a Dust Deputy and attached it to my shop vac to help control dust while woodworking. I let the 5 gallon bucket under the cyclone fill up completely before emptying it the first time and you see the results below. The bucket is mostly¬†full and the shop vac has almost no trace of dust in it! I did take the filter off anyway and blow it with compressed air to clean it anyway, but it didn’t need it. If I had sucked up this much sawdust without the Dust Deputy, I would have easily gone through two shop vac filters and those things aren’t cheap. I’m very happy with this setup!


One thought on “Dust Collection Update

  1. Dudley

    Well that is one of the few times in life that you will hear someone brag about a product that sucks.

    It is amazing how completely all the dust drops out in the cyclone. Especially the fine dust.