– Ben Martens

Easter Sunday

As part of our Easter Sunday service, I did a bunch of recording for preservice music, postservice music and various parts of the service. Unfortunately some of the audio got a bit goofed up because the levels were set a bit too high, but it came out good enough to post on the church’s YouTube site. If you just want to hear some incredible organ, skip to minute 39.

Tim and I usually use our GoPro’s as part of the recording. We call one of them “Dave Cam” since it sits behind our incredible organist, Dave. This time I set the second one up in the balcony and set it to take a photo every two seconds. I used that timelapse as filler for the main video linked above, but the raw timelapse itself is pretty fun to watch. It starts at people are filing in before the service and ends as people are cleaning up after the service.