– Ben Martens

Eight Months Old

Our little man turned eight months old a couple weeks ago. It’s fun to look back at the photos from just a couple months ago and see the tremendous amount of changes. He’s still a very happy kid with lots of smiles no matter what’s going on. When he’s happy he loves to talk and roar, and if he’s really excited he lets out an ear piercing squeal. He learned to crawl recently and then almost immediately started pulling himself up onto whatever he could find. He’ll grab onto your fingers and happily walk around the house. I wonder how long it will be before he’s doing that on his own?

Meal times are getting more interesting as he is beginning to eat lots of different solids like ham, chicken, avocado, carrots, and applesauce. Nights are still very long as he gets up pretty regularly every two hours all night long. We’ve received lots of advice about how to solve that, but we’re content with the situation as it is and we’re sticking to our plan. (We’re content… but we’d love to get 6 straight hours of sleep!)

It’s hard to imagine a happier baby. He’s got such a wonderful personality and I’m so proud to be his dad!