– Ben Martens

Elijah Update

elijahfirstdayschoolIt has been 10 months since┬áthe last update on Elijah. He has changed just a little bit since then…

He’s three years and three months old now and boy is it a big difference from a year ago. We’ve finally turned a corner and it feels like things are getting a little bit easier, specifically around bedtime. It makes our evenings a lot more enjoyable.

He just started preschool. We’re thankful that our church has a preschool so Elijah was already familiar with the building, the two teachers and some of the kids. He attends two days a week from 8-12. It’s a good opportunity for him to learn to take instruction from someone other than us.

I find that I’m able to do more activities with him around. The other day I set him down on the floor in the garage with a pile of Matchbox cars (thanks Ken!) and he played happily for an hour while I worked on some shop projects.

I know I’ll look back longingly on these early years, but right now I’m excited to be able to do more activities with him.