– Ben Martens

Facebook Purity

I’ve been slowly weaning myself off of Facebook. I waste too much time there and don’t get enough value out of it. The first step was to start unfollowing people. I stay friends with them but I don’t have their stuff show up in my news feed. The most recent find was the Facebook Purity extension for Chrome. It gives you all kinds of customization options to clean up Facebook and bend it to your will. For example, I have mine set to always show the stories in chronological order and hide any story with the word Instagram since I’ve already seen those posts in Instagram. I also have keyword filters set that hide anything with the words Trump and Hillary.

Facebook is beautiful now. Of course this only works when viewing through Chrome on my desktop but not having it on my phone just makes the phone app more repulsive and helps break the habit of clicking on it all the time.

Give it a shot if you’re a grumpy curmudgeon like me!

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