– Ben Martens

Fantasy Football – Week 10

2016_week10_elliottEach week I usually check the Bing NFL predictions to see what they think about the Seahawks game. It has been a long time since the Seahawks were not favored to win but that was the case against the Patriots. It was a great game and it was very refreshing to see the offensive line giving Wilson pretty good protection and a good run game. And the ending was very sweet: the Patriots had first and goal from the 1 and they failed with four chances. It was good payback for the Super Bowl (but obviously not at the same scale.)

Every week there are a few stat corrections and Yahoo takes those and updates all of our scores. They generally don’t matter too much, but last week there was a stat correction in the game between Luke and Logan. It was already incredibly close and the stat correction made it even closer. Luke’s score dropped just a little bit and almost changed the winner of the game. (Seems appropriate during election time, right? Maybe there were some hanging chads.) The net result is that last week’s game between Luke and Logan broke our all-time record for closest win ever.

In our league, Andy held on to his first place position, but it’s a firmly packed mess behind him. There are 5 teams separated by a single game. Nobody has clinched a playoff spot yet and there are only 4 games left in our regular season. It almost always comes down to a tie breaker somewhere in the league so every point counts!

No big change in our power rankings this week except that our top place team, Andy, reappears on the list.

1. Ben
2. Austin
3. Logan
4. Andy (+3)

  This Week Season All-Time
Highest Team Score Ben had 146.87 Logan had 170.69 (Week 5) Tim 200.51 (2015)
Lowest Team Score Jim had 74.78 Tim had 67.79 (Week 8) Andy had 41.29 (2015)
Biggest Blowout Ben beat Dad by 40.00 Logan beat Tim by 79.46 (Week 5) Luke beat Andy by 113.02 (2010)
Closest Win Austin beat Tim by 10.47 Luke beat Logan by 0.11 (Week 9) Was: Jim beat Ben by 0.12 (2012)
Highest Scoring Player Ezekiel Elliott had 39.90 for Ben Ben Roethlisberger had 43.90 for Andy (Week 4) Drew Brees had 60.54 on Tim’s bench (2015)
Longest Active Winning Streak Ben has 4 wins in a row. Was: Tim and Logan had 4 game winning streaks Micah (2011) and Ben (2015) had an 8 game winning streak
Longest Active Losing Streak Logan has a 4 game losing streak Was: Jim and Dad had 4 game losing streaks Kyle had a 14 game losing streak (2011)