– Ben Martens

Fantasy Football – Week 15

Let’s just skip talking about the Seahawks this week like I skipped watching most of the second half.

Our league was much more exciting. Luke went into the playoffs with the #1 spot and lost to the yahoo who limped backwards into the playoffs (me). And in #2 vs #3 game, Logan put up the highest score of the season to beat Austin. The consolation bracket didn’t disappoint either as Dad and Jim posted the closest game of the season. Next week will wrap up our season as Logan and I battle it out for first place. This feels kind of like a David vs Goliath thing. It’s more than a little intimidating to head into the championship game against the guy who just put up 188 points! Just to put that number into perspective, Logan played against the second highest scorer this week and still almost set the season record for the biggest blowout!

Also of note, week 15 was the highest total league score that we’ve put together this season. We also had 5 people within less than 8 points of each other.

Power rankings for week 15:

1. Logan (+3)
2. Ben (-1)
3. Luke (-1)
4. Austin (-1)

On to the weekly awards…

This Week This Season All-Time
Highest Team Score Logan had 188.80 Luke had 161.89 (Week 3) Tim 200.51 (2015)
Lowest Team Score Tim had 81.08 Jim had 60.95 (Week 10) Andy had 41.29 (2015)
Biggest Blowout Logan beat Austin by 66.44 Luke beat Jim by 74.22 (Week 3) Luke beat Andy by 113.02 (2010)
Closest Win Dad beat Jim by 1.86 Andy beat Jim by 2.96 (Week 6) Jim beat Ben by 0.12 (2012)
Highest Scoring Player Todd Gurley had 43.50 points for Logan. Tom Brady had 45.72 for Luke. (Week 3) Drew Brees had 60.54 on Tim’s bench (2015)
Longest Active Winning Streak Ben has a 3 game winning streak Austin has a 6 game winning streak (Week 13) Micah (2011) and Ben (2015) had an 8 game winning streak
Longest Active Losing Streak Austin and Jim have 2 game losing streaks. Tim had a 5 game losing streak. (Week 5) Kyle had a 14 game losing streak (2011)