– Ben Martens

Fantasy Football – Week 4

2016_week4_roethlisbergerSeahawks! That game felt great. Both the offense and the defense played good games and I didn’t see any major injuries. Jimmy Graham had another big day with some incredible catches. They get a very early bye week this year, but at least it means that Wilson will get a chance to rest… if he ever rests.

The game of the week in our league turned out to be Tim and Dad. They had the two lowest scores in the league by quite a bit and their game was decided by less than half a point thanks to Eli Manning’s poor performance and INT on Monday night. Tim’s undefeated streak continues. Barely.

We are four weeks into the season so that means that our custom power rankings are available. Here’s what we have right now:
1. Andy
2. Austin
3. Logan
4. Ben
I love these early season power rankings because they can vary so much from the current standings. For example, Tim is dominating our league but he is sixth in the power rankings. Is that the because the power ranking formula is wrong or because we just haven’t had enough games in our league for the wins and losses to match up to team strength?

We also broke almost every season record!

This Week Season All-Time
Highest Team Score Andy had 154.21 Was Logan had 153.13 (Week 1) Tim 200.51 (2015)
Lowest Team Score Dad had 82.28 Jim had 77.82 (Week 2) Andy had 41.29 (2015)
Biggest Blowout Austin beat Jim by 41.90 Was Andy beat Dad by 33.11 (Week 2) Luke beat Andy by 113.02 (2010)
Closest Win Tim beat Dad by 0.45 Was Logan beat Andy by 0.78 (Week 3) Jim beat Ben by 0.12 (2012)
Highest Scoring Player Ben Roethlisberger had 43.90 for Andy Was Andrew Luck had 43.50 for Jim (Week 1) Drew Brees had 60.54 on Tim’s bench (2015)
Longest Active Winning Streak Tim has a 4 game winning streak Weekly streak is season record Micah (2011) and Ben (2015) had an 8 game winning streak
Longest Active Losing Streak Dad has a 3 game losing streak Was Ben and Jim and 2 game losing streaks (Week 2) Kyle had a 14 game losing streak (2011)