– Ben Martens

Fantasy Wrap Up

andrewluckbeard_2014wrapupHere’s one more post for our fantasy season looking back at the top performers in our league. Look how many time’s Austin’s name shows up on this list! Our championships are usually dominated by power QBs but this year, he had a team full of top wide receivers, running backs, tight ends and defenses.

Once again I had the top scoring player in the league, but this year it wasn’t Drew Brees. Unfortunately, Andrew Luck failed me in our playoffs. I blame the beard.

Top QBs:
1. Andrew Luck, 431.74 for Ben
2. Aaron Rodgers, 430.14 for Tim
3. Peyton Manning, 390.68 for Andy

Top WRs:
1. Antonio Brown, 333.51 for Tim
2. Demaryius Thomas, 285.40 for Austin
3. Jordy Nelson, 278.90 for Austin

Top RBs:
1. Le’Veon Bell, 329.00 for Austin
2. DeMarco Murray, 322.60 for Luke
3. Matt Forte, 295.60 for Jim

Top TEs:
1. Rob Gronkowski, 225.40 for Austin
2. Antonio Gates, 188.60 for Luke
3. Jimmy Graham, 187.40 for Logan

Top Kickers:
1. Stephan Gostkowski, 170.00 for Logan
2. Cody Parkey, 162.00 for Dad
3. Adam Vinatieri, 153.00 for Jim

Top Defenses:
1. Philadelphia, 229.14 for Ben
2. Buffalo, 207.11 for Austin
3. St. Louis, 198.17 for Ben

Highest scoring free agent: Eli Manning (329.50)