– Ben Martens

Favorite Things of 2016

I looked back through my Amazon purchases in 2016 and thought I’d share a few of my favorites:

  • iVac Switch – I don’t know why I waited so long to buy this. If you use a dust collector in your shop, this is an awesome upgrade. It automatically turns your dust collector on when you turn a tool on. When the tool is shut off, the vacuum runs for a few more seconds and then turns off.
  • Truck cover – My truck should probably be on this list but that seemed a little silly. This truck bed cover, however, is a perfect fit for the list (and the truck!) I can unroll it or roll it up in less than a minute. It creates an almost waterproof seal over the bed. If you’ve fought with a tarp even one time, you’ll appreciate this purchase.
  • Amcrest 1080p cameras – We continue to build out our home surveillance system with bargain hardware and it continues to work out very well. These new 1080p cameras are incredible! The only problem is that it makes me want to replace all of my old ones.
  • Kingdom Builder – This board game is a gift we got for Logan, but it’s also available on your phone. The rules are fairly simple but the strategy is complex. I’m a wee bit addicted to this one right now.