– Ben Martens

Fitbit Aria Review

fitbit-ariaTyla and I both weigh ourselves every morning and write down our weight. While the day to day change isn’t always something to get worked up about, it’s important to understand your trend as it stretches out to weeks and months.

We decided to step the geek up a notch and buy the Fitbit Aria scale. It connects via Wi-Fi to your home network and automatically uploads your weight to your Fitbit account. You can then view the charts and history online or in a phone app. This is definitely a luxury purchase, but it’s a nice convenience.

Once you get it up and running, it works like almost any other scale. But getting it up and running was the big issue for us. I spent a very long time wrestling with it, talking to tech support (no help) and surfing the web. I tried it with my phone and two different laptops. I tried setting up a Wi-Fi network just for the scale that had no security on it. Nothing worked. Finally, I pulled out an old Android phone that KenC gave me and it worked the first time.

Fitbit ships an application that runs on Windows and is supposed to do the setup, so surely this can’t be everyone’s experience. But this still seems like a pretty big hole in their testing. I’m using a very common router (WNDR3700) and fully patched phone and laptop OS’s. This should be a mainstream case.

Oh well, we are up and running now so there’s no need to do any more setup. And if I do change the network or something, I’ll know to grab an Android device!

P.S. I feel obligated to mention that the money for this purchase came through my health plan at work which can only be used for a specific set of items. If we were using our general funds for this, I think we’d still be doing manual logging.