– Ben Martens

Free OneDrive Storage

onedrivelogoOneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) has been continually improving their offering and they have a pretty impressive service at this point. I regularly use it whenever I want to share a bunch of files with others, but it’s also great just for storing your documents, photos, etc. I’d put it one step behind a dedicated backup tool like but it’s a solid option whether or not you have another backup solution because OneDrive allows you to easily access your files from any computer and it also caches the files locally so you don’t have to be connected to the network to use them.

If you ever use OneDrive or you even think there’s a chance that you might use it in the future, be sure to click this link to receive an extra 100GB free for the next two years. That’s on top of the 15GB free you get just for having an account. Go get yours before this freebie is gone!