– Ben Martens

Garden Update

Our garden is off to a shaky start. I started the plants indoors and I did it WAY too soon. The tomato plants took off but rapidly started crowding each other out. I moved some to solo cups and they are growing and some even have flowers on them. I’m trying to put them outside for a bit each day in hopes of a good transition.

The zucchini plants came up too and i had them in 5 gallon buckets. They grew in really weird shapes along the ground with very little elevation. After a few days moving in and out of the house, I put them in the garden. So far… ehh… I don’t have high hopes that they will succeed.

Lesson learned: forget starter plants. It’s impossible to predict the spring weather around here. I’m about ready to just throw the rest of this stuff outside, let it die, and then buy starter plants when the weather is warm enough. Next year I’m just going to copy our neighbor. She has a great garden!