– Ben Martens

Goals For Summer

snoopyspringfeverIt’s only the beginning of February but we’re already starting to get some warmer days. The lawn is waking up, plants are starting to grow, and people are starting to catch spring fever. I’m loving the increasing daylight hours. This time of year is usually very cloudy so on those clear mornings I’m shocked at how early it gets bright. “Spring” lasts a very long time in the Pacific Northwest. It’s roughly now until June and then summer arrives with a bang around the Fourth of July. I’m looking forward to those long summer evenings where we can go out for walks after dinner before Elijah’s bedtime. I’m also hoping to make good use of the warm summer weather on some hikes with Elijah. I’ve already tried to get him out a couple times but the weather and our schedule haven’t aligned. There are so many fun things to see in the mountains and I’m hopeful that he’ll like hiking with me.

There’s no real point here, other than me looking forward to spring and spending time outside with my family. Bring on the sunshine!