– Ben Martens

Goodbye Oskar

Goodbye to our dear Oskar
Your cancer had spread too far
It happened so fast
This day was your last
Now you’re a bright doggie star

I met you seven years ago
With my future wife in tow
You warmed all our hearts
But not with your farts
And you loved us too I know

You came with us on our dates
And sometimes you licked our plates
To stop any crime
You barked all the time
And tried to run through the gates

You weren’t always the smartest one
But you filled our days with fun
Your life was worthwhile
You made us all smile
And now your time here is done


One thought on “Goodbye Oskar

  1. Aileen Brandt

    Dogs are companions and they steal our hearts but how empty our lives are without them when they are gone. Never has there been a companion that is so faithful, who just loves life and tries to teach all of us to stop, look, and have fun. So sorry that you had to loose him so soon but how dull your days would have been without him. He will always be with you as long as he remains in your heart.