– Ben Martens

Great Northern Model Train Review

My parents have an O-gauge model train running around their tree. It’s a relatively new purchase, but it was there when we were home with Elijah and he LOVED it. Tyla and I have always thought about getting one for our tree so we decided to pull the trigger this year.

I was visiting Eastside Trains with Elijah a few weekends ago to kill some time and I saw the Great Northern Mountain Mover set. Great Northern is the railroad that ran the caboose that we stayed in earlier this year. I liked that it was related to a family vacation… and I also liked that it was deeply discounted. Tyla and I often do a family Christmas present instead of giving each other gifts so we decided to make this the family gift.

As we expected, Elijah LOVES it. It came with just enough track to get around the tree but that’s plenty to keep him entertained. The box says for ages 14 and up, but he has been good enough with it that we have let him play with it unsupervised a little bit. It takes a lot of coaching but he’s a pretty responsible little kid.

Once he’s old enough that we trust him to not destroy Tyla’s big Christmas village, we’ll set that up with the train. The train should be the right scale to match the village and we’ll have a nice little Christmas display every year.