– Ben Martens

Guest Bed

In previous posts, I showed the design of our new guest room bed and the completed base. Yesterday I installed the headboard and called the project done! I’m really happy with how the headboard turned out. I just used plain old 2x4s, 1x6s and 1x4s, but I milled them a bit first and they came out looking nice. Cutting the rounded edges off the 2x4s made them much less recognizable and jointing the edges of the 1x6s made them fit very cleanly together. I loaded up the drawers and we still have room left to spare. As long as nobody crashes to the floor while sleeping on this, I’ll call it a success!


Steve Ramsey gets credit for the design, but you can also download my slightly modified queen bed version. Thank you for the inspiration Steve!

UPDATE: In my original post, I forgot to mention how much this all cost. The wood for the headboard was $38 and the wood for the base was $190. Toss in a little paint and some other consumables and this was about $250 in parts. The drawers were a major cost in this build. Dropping those would probably save $80-100.